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Unlocking Hidden Yield With AI Revenue Management

AI Revenue Management (AIRM) took the industry by storm as the next generation of price optimization and the most powerful revenue driver across marketing, leasing and screening.

Now is your chance to watch—or rewatch—the two most popular sessions from RealWorld 2020 and better understand how RealPage® AIRM is helping new users achieve up to 400% in year-one ROI.

This webcast combines these two exciting sessions—Announcing the Next Generation of Price Optimization + Announcing AI Revenue Management: Drive Yield by Optimizing Across All Four Pillars of Revenue—for your convenience.

RealPage’s leading revenue performance experts and data scientist—Amy Dreyfuss, Keith Dunkin and Rich Hughes—discuss how AIRM leverages lease transaction data from over 14 million units, as well as AI and exceptional data science, and dive into:

  • How AIRM builds upon the bedrock of YieldStar® and LRO
  • How enhanced AI-driven algorithms have transformed price optimization
  • Unlocking hundreds of basis points of hidden yield through amenity price optimization
  • The concept of multi-dimensional optimization
  • How AIRM unifies pricing, marketing, leasing, screening, amenities and reputation to maximize revenue and increase asset value

Amy Dreyfuss

SVP Revenue Management, RealPage, Inc.

Amy Dreyfuss is Senior Vice President of RealPage Revenue Management overseeing both LRO and YieldStar. Amy has over 20 years of experience in multifamily operations and revenue management. Prior to joining YieldStar in 2009, she oversaw operations and revenue management for a Dallas-based firm. Amy began her career with RealPage as a YieldStar Consultant responsible for the implementation of a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from private owner/operators to fee managers to REITs and institutional owners before becoming a part of the leadership team in 2010. In addition to growing the YieldStar client base in the U.S., Amy is responsible for expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom.

Keith Dunkin

Senior Vice President, Asset Optimization, RealPage, Inc.

Keith is responsible for the strategic vision, management and ongoing education for the Revenue Optimization and Business Intelligence platforms. Involved with YieldStar since its inception, Keith served an integral role in the growth and successful adoption of this product to the multifamily industry. He brings 15 years of experience in pricing and asset performance evaluation to RealPage, following a career at JPI as the Manager of Revenue Management, where he was heavily involved in key strategic initiatives related to portfolio diversification, asset site selection and ongoing operational performance improvement. Keith received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Economics from Baylor University.

Rich Hughes

Senior Vice President, Data Science, RealPage, Inc.

Rich Hughes first entered the data revolution with apartment owner/operators AMLI and Archstone for over a decade, and is now head data scientist with RealPage. Hughes believes that today’s winners in complex, asset-intensive, service-based industries—from Amazon to apartments—have discovered the operational trifecta: over-delivering on promises while keeping the operation streamlined and affordable. He spends his days creating centralized command and control capacity for apartment operators, mainly regional managers, to streamline their operations through better and faster decision-making. He does this by analyzing data to predict outcomes, giving apartment operators prescriptive recommendations that are mathematically solvent and intelligence that is continually learning.

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Unlocking Hidden Yield With AI Revenue Management

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