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Streamline and Uncover Data Insights With Better Budgeting

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Across all multifamily sectors, budgeting is largely accomplished via spreadsheet. It’s an inefficient, inexact, labor-intensive process. Moreover, at any one time, there are typically numerous versions of the spreadsheet as property managers and accountants add data to it. You can put an end to the chaos by implementing a solution that is purpose built for multifamily budgeting. Now, you can use real-time data insights to create a quality budget in less time and with greater accuracy. 

In this webcast, Dan Newbern, Vice President, RealPage® Financial Suite, and Abe Bullman, Product Manager, Budgeting for RealPage, are joined by Carlie Ahern, Budget Administrator, RPM Living, and Caryn Backus, Financial Director, Pegasus Residential, to talk about streamlining and uncovering data insights with better budgeting.Hear real-world examples of how multifamily owners and operators are benefitting from the real-time visibility and  updates through centralized budgeting.

In this webcast, you'll also learn 4 key outcomes of building a better budget:

  1. Centralize budgeting — gain real-time visibility and updates across your portfolio
  2. Predict cash flow
  3. Control spend
  4. Aggregate data and create custom reports

Dan Newbern

Vice President, Financial Suite, RealPage, Inc.

With over 20 years in technology and operations, Dan Newbern joined RealPage in 2016. As the Vice President of the RealPage Financial Suite, Dan brings innovative and customer-focused leadership to the Accounting and Budgeting products for our customers. Prior to RealPage, Dan led multinational ERP teams for one of the largest financial system companies in the United States and EU.

Abe Bullman

Product Manager, Budgeting, RealPage

Abe Bullman is a software and technology expert with over 15 years of consulting, management and sales experience.  Abe recently joined the Spend & Accounting team as product manager for budgeting, and he has contributed to RealPage in a number of roles since 2013.

Streamline and Uncover Data Insights With Better Budgeting

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Streamline and Uncover Data Insights With Better Budgeting

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