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Smart Solutions: Your 24/7 Leasing Office

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Capturing and converting leads is always a top priority. Today, the new reality of limited face-to-face interaction adds new challenges.

Ensuring your property is always ready to respond to prospect inquiries — and knowing which prospects offer the best opportunities — are key to thriving in today’s market. Your property can capture leads and enable prospects to engage with you on their time, through their preferred communication channels — even with limited or remote office staff.

With the latest solutions, you can identify which leads are the most valuable prospects for your property — and ensure that your agents are focused on high-value activities that drive prospects to sign leases.

Join RealPage® Director of Project Management for ILM Dustin Schwartz, SVP of Contact Center Operations Kathleen McNair, and Product Manager for ILM Andrea Nygren for the webcast, Your 24/7 Leasing Office.

They will share valuable insights into:

  • How today’s prospects are inquiring about properties and availability
  • Expanding your communication channels to keep engaging with prospects anytime, anywhere
  • Identifying which leads are the most valuable for your property
  • Helping agents focus on activities that drive prospects to lease
  • How to support and monitor your leasing team’s off-site activities, including changing sales goals

Kathleen McNair

SVP, Global Contact Centers, RealPage, Inc.

Kathleen McNair is responsible for the profitability and operations of the RealPage Contact Center product family, including management of leads and maintenance and utility inquiries for multifamily and senior clients. With a focus on operational performance and international experience in managing large-scale global operations, she has a proven track record of building programs to manage sales, customer service and technical support across multiple channels.

Dustin Schwarz

Director, Intelligent Lead Management, RealPage, Inc.

Dustin Schwarz is the Director of RealPage’s Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) group, comprised of the Leasing Analytics and Lead Management products. Dustin has an extensive background in leadership, marketing and operations. He has led for ILM Operations since its inception as SlopeJet and is now responsible for all aspects of ILM. Prior to SlopeJet, Dustin served as an Operations Manager and 6 Sigma Black Belt at Caterpillar. He holds a B.S. in Business from Iowa State University.

Smart Solutions: Your 24/7 Leasing Office

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Smart Solutions: Your 24/7 Leasing Office

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