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SimpleBills – A Concierge Service That Redefines the Resident Utility Experience

It’s time to upgrade the resident experience with a new model for rental property utility management that cares as much about your residents — and your bottom line — as you do.

SimpleBills® redefines the way utilities are managed so properties and residents can experience utilities the way they should be – simple.

Join RealPage® utility management experts to learn about a breakthrough concierge-style approach to billing services that can upgrade your portfolio’s performance, including:

  • How the SimpleBills model for utility management is different (no pre-funding!)
  • How SimpleBills upgrades the resident experience
  • Why the resident portal and app reduce resident inquiries
  • Improving cost savings with an Estimated Final Bill process

Colin Heller

Vice President, SimpleBills

Colin Heller co-founded SimpleBills back in 2008 after discovering first-hand how difficult it is to manage utilities with your college roommates. From there came the idea of what is now SimpleBills – A complete utility management company that services 175,000 nationwide in student, multifamily and single family markets. As Vice President, Colin is eager to continue in SimpleBills’ mission to be a thought leader in the utility space in order to provide simpler and more effective methods to managing utilities. He currently resides in Waco, Texas with his wife and three daughters.

Kevin Jones

Vice President, SimpleBills, RealPage, Inc.

Kevin Jones is the VP at RealPage. Kevin co-founded SimpleBills back in 2008 when he discovered a pain point of dealing with utilities while having a college roommate. He served as SimpleBills' president for eleven years, creating a utility management solution for student, multifamily and single family markets. Since its origin, the company has grown to service over 175,000 residents nationwide. Kevin is looking forward to continuing SimpleBills' mission to disrupt utility management as we know it in order to make utilities simple for residents and properties.

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SimpleBills – A Concierge Service That Redefines the Resident Utility Experience

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