The Secrets No One Wants You To Know About Screening

This 45-minute webcast will show what separates a good screening product from a great one. It will help you understand exactly what your screening system should be doing to help you mitigate risks, increase revenue and maintain occupancy.

Screening Isn’t Just a Commodity Anymore

The time when screening was a simple commodity has long passed. Great resident screening is now the first line of defense in keeping your property, staff, residents and your business safe and secure. RealPage Screening can increase and maintain your occupancy without sacrificing revenue because it’s configurable to your UNIQUE property needs.

Let industry experts, Mark Wilkinson and Chris Beshirs, show you the importance of good screening and best practices to prevent risk. Plus, learn how screening can actually increase revenue, maintain occupancy and so much more.

Chris Beshirs

Senior Manager of Product Success, RealPage Screening, RealPage, Inc.

Chris joined RealPage in 2013, and has over 15 years of client advocacy experience with the last 10 spent in on-demand SaaS. Chris serves as the leader of RealPage Screening’s Product Success team. He has responsibility for managing and partnering with the client portfolio with regard to operational performance and new & existing software implementations.

Mark Wilkinson

Industry Principal, RealPage Screening, RealPage Screening

Mark joined the RealPage team in August of 2014. Prior to joining RealPage, Mark most recently worked at CoreLogic SafeRent, representing their screening and renter’s insurance products. His sales and account management background stem from more than 20 years in the risk management and marketing industry, including 17 years as a licensed commercial property and casualty insurance agent serving the small and medium business markets.

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The Secrets No One Wants You To Know About Screening

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