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SB-7 is Coming. Are You Ready?

The new year is bringing significant changes to the way you manage utility billing for your submetered properties. California’s SB-7 will go into effect beginning January 1, 2018. Do you know what’s changing and how you’ll address each new regulation? Get the details and get your questions answered during this informative webcast.

What’s Changing. What’s Not.

If you own or operate properties that bill tenants with submeters, or a newly constructed property with new water connections is in the pipeline, you won’t want to miss this enlightening one-hour webcast. SB-7 is coming, and there’s a lot to know about what’s changing—and what’s not—headed your way.

This comprehensive one-hour webcast will be led by industry experts Mike Semko, VP of Legal for RealPage and Jeff Peterson, Legal Counsel for RealPage Utility Management. You’ll find out:

  • What is changing—and what is not
  • How administrative fees are evolving
  • New resident utility statement verbiage
  • The new mandatory submetering regulations
  • And much more

Mike Semko

Vice President, Legal, RealPage, Inc.

Mike Semko is Vice President of Legal for RealPage and advises the company on corporate and regulatory issues. Prior to that, he was VP and legal counsel to the National Apartment Association (NAA) for nearly a decade.

Jeff Peterson

Vice President, Legal Counsel, RealPage Utility Management, RealPage Utility Management (RUM)

Prior to joining the RealPage family, Jeff began his utility billing career with American Utility Management in the Engineering Department where he applied his expertise in Civil Engineering to submetering. Jeff compiled an extensive index of regulations dealing with all types of utility billing. Jeff supervises or processes regulatory matters for RUM, from property start-up review to governmental agency investigations. He holds regular dialogues with agencies such as NCUC, TCEQ, California DMS, as well as various state consumer protection departments.  He is an active member of the Utility Management and Conservation Association Government Affairs Committee (UMCA), a group of utility industry leaders whose sole focus is lobbying and legislation review.

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SB-7 is Coming. Are You Ready?

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