Stop Playing “Guess Who” with Your Rental Housing Applicants

This 45 minute, webcast will discuss what is going on in the world of identity verification, what are some of the issues our industry is facing and how RealPage Identity Verification can help you mitigate risks with online and in-office leasing applications saving your bottom-line

Application Fraud Is on the Rise

You shouldn’t be playing a game of guess who with your leasing applications online and in-office. And what happens to your business when your screening software doesn’t catch them before they sign a lease? The cost to your property, reputation and community can be more than you bargained for. RealPage Screening Identity Verification can help prevent this with a simple three-step process that will automatically flag discrepancies found in an applicant’s data and offers workflows for both online and in-office applications.

Let industry experts, James Hilliard and Christina Day, show you the importance of identity verification and provide some best practices to help mitigate risk and so much more.

James Hilliard

Vice President and General Manager, RealPage Screening, RealPage, Inc.

James joined RealPage in 2017, and has over 20 years of experience in global corporate and start-up environments. Prior to RealPage, James worked with Experian operating in three of their four core business divisions. He has experience in the United States as well as international experience in the United Kingdom and other locations across Europe. James is an authority on credit data and applications, credit risk, fraud and identity market trends, and identity protection products and services.

Christina Day

Product Manager, RealPage Screening, RealPage, Inc.

Christina joined RealPage in 2010 and is RealPage's Screening Lead Product Advocate. She operates within RealPage using three 'super powers': Communication, Documentation and Knowledge of RealPage Data and Systems. Christina has been critical to the development and execution of our industry leading Screening Software - delivering multiple landmark initiatives in 2017.

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Stop Playing “Guess Who” with Your Rental Housing Applicants

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