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ONESITE® INSIGHTS SERIES Unified Amenities: Making Property Perks More Profitable

There are two reasons for adding amenities to a property: To make it more attractive to prospects, and to enable you to price your property accordingly.

But think about it—are you executing those two objectives effectively as you could?

RealPage Unified Amenities integrates all your amenities into one central solution. This enables your sales team to promote and market them more effectively—and aids your managers in developing an amenity-based pricing strategy.

Join Rhonda Dutton, Industry Principal of OneSite, and Chris Musson, VP of Conventional Property Services, as we discuss how to get the maximum profit from the perks you offer.

BONUS CONTENT: We’ll also unveil new OneSite Texting features that help you communicate, upsell and close more effectively using texting—your prospects’ number one preferred method of communication.

Topics include:

  • Reducing expenses by consolidating amenity management
  • Increasing revenue by simplifying amenity-based pricing
  • Sneak peeks at Leasing & Rents updates: Transaction Code Groups and Ownership Management
  • Using texting—your residents’ preferred medium—to boost performance

Chris Musson

Vice President, OneSite, RealPage, Inc.

Chris Musson is currently the Vice President of Conventional Property Services and provides guidance and direction to the OneSite Leasing and Rents product team. This team delivers solutions to the Multifamily Conventional, Student and Military markets related to operational property management.

Rhonda Dutton

Director, OneSite Property Management, RealPage, Inc.

Rhonda Dutton has a background in property management, holding various property management positions from Leasing Consultant to Regional Trainer. Rhonda is currently the Director for OneSite Leasing & Rents, ensuring that customers are getting the most value from their property management system.

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ONESITE® INSIGHTS SERIES Unified Amenities: Making Property Perks More Profitable

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