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Reduce Costs through Energy Management Essentials

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What are the essentials of energy management for multifamily companies and how do you ensure you don’t fail? In this one-hour webcast, RealPage energy experts Dimitris Kapsis, Vice President Energy Management, and Dave Carpenter, Utility Management Industry Principal, will tell you how to leverage utility data to help you use less energy and pay less for what you use. They’ll also share some of the common challenges that can derail a well-intended energy management program.

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Dimitris Kapsis and Dave Carpenter will share their insights gained from years of experience helping multifamily clients reduce their energy and water consumption and spending. They will discuss essentials like taking advantage of competitive energy rates in de-regulated markets, energy conservation projects, utility tax exemptions and benchmarking compliance.

Dimitris Kapsis

Vice President Energy Management, RealPage, Inc.

Dimitris joined RealPage in 2017, bringing over 15 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining RealPage, Dimitris served as Chief Energy Officer for AUM. He and his team of energy experts helped AUM become the premier energy management provider to the multifamily industry. Dimitris previously served as Director of Energy Management for Archstone, a Denver-based property ownership and management firm.

Dave Carpenter

Industry Principle, Realpage,Inc

Dave Carpenter is an Industry Principal for RealPage, joining the company through the acquisition of AUM in 2017. Dave is responsible for providing expertise for RealPage’s utility management products and services. He assists with the development of utility management business initiatives and supports RealPage’s sales goals and objectives by enhancing product knowledge and customer education.

Reduce Costs through Energy Management Essentials

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Reduce Costs through Energy Management Essentials

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