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Market Intelligence: Renter Segmentation and Cohort Cluster Analysis

Apartment market performance and demographic trends are closely linked to each other, so it’s critically important to understand the demographic makeup of today’s pool of renters.

While broad demographic trends yield some insight into performance, being able to understand demographic drivers at a more nuanced level can be one of the ways ahead of the competition.

By analyzing more than 11 million signed leases, RealPage® has completed proprietary research compiling seven unique renter cohorts based on demographics, income and property-specific differences.

Join RealPage experts Jay Parsons and Carl Whitaker as they review RealPage’s Renter Segmentation and Cohort Cluster Analysis with discussion topics including:

  • An overview of data collection, methodology and the “how” of one of the industry’s most compelling datasets
  • Insights into the key 7 cohorts: What makes these groups different and how that can influence both market and property-specific performance
  • Understanding how to leverage the insights embedded in the analysis and how you can gain an edge on the competition
  • Forecasting future performance and seeing how these distinct renter  cohorts vary from place to place ― and why that matters

Jay Parsons

Deputy Chief Economist / VP Asset Optimization & Renter Engagement, RealPage, Inc.

Jay Parsons serves as RealPage’s Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Asset Optimization and Renter Engagement. He is a frequent author and speaker on topics including rental housing investment and asset management strategy, rental housing policy issues, risk management and property management – covering apartments and single-family rentals. Jay has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNBC, among other outlets. His commentaries have been published by the Pension Real Estate Association, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Apartment Association, American Banker and GlobeSt.

Carl Whitaker

Manager, Real Estate Economist, RealPage, Inc.

Carl Whitaker is a Real Estate Economist with RealPage’s Data Analytics division. At RealPage, Carl has specialized in creating industry presentations, market and submarket trend reports and crafting ways in which data can be more easily consumed and leveraged by clients. Carl holds degrees from the University of North Texas, including a Master of Science in Applied Geography.

Market Intelligence: Renter Segmentation and Cohort Cluster Analysis

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Market Intelligence: Renter Segmentation and Cohort Cluster Analysis

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