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Going Net Zero With Electric

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Electrification is the next hurdle in responsible building management that reduces carbon emissions. Yet most of our rental property construction is based on gas-powered energy for heat and (often) cooking.

Join multifamily sustainability expert Mary Nitschke and PG&E’s decarbonization leader Rachel Kuykendall to discuss how to take existing buildings and bring them to net-zero performance that meets regulatory targets and portfolio ESG goals. (Spoiler alert: It actually can be done!)

Rachel Kuykendall

Principal Strategic Analyst, Decarbonization Strategies, PG&E

Rachel Kuykendall is a Principal Strategic Analyst on PG&E’s Decarbonization Strategies team, which is focused on achieving the decarbonized electric and gas systems of the future. Rachel leads utility-level strategy ideation, policy development, strategic pilots and initial implementation of cross-organizational strategic initiatives for issues with significant impacts to PG&E in the 2025-2050 timeframe — with specific focus on the future of the gas system, decarbonization and maintaining affordability for PG&E’s customers.

Mary Nitschke

Vice President, Sustainability, RealPage, Inc.

Mary Nitschke joined RealPage as Vice President of Sustainability in 2019. Previously she was the Director of Ancillary Services for the award-winning Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc, where she had the privilege of managing both the resident costs and expense sides of the utility wheelhouse.

Mary is passionate about utilities, and should perhaps switch to decaf. She was the first president of the Utility Management Advisory board, possesses an Energy Resource Management Certificate from UC Davis, and two Bachelors of Art from UC Berkeley.

Going Net Zero With Electric

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Going Net Zero With Electric

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