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Up Close and Local: Minneapolis Market Update Webcast

Apartment supply volumes in Minneapolis-St. Paul recently hit multi-decade highs that pushed the metro toward the top of the nation’s building leaders. Coupling the increased deliveries with some of the economic struggles seen in most markets across the country, there was some loss of performance momentum in what’s normally a very stable market. Has the metro’s general positioning changed in the big picture, or was this a minor bump in the road? Join RealPage analysts for an examination of what’s shaping the apartment sector performance in Minneapolis and what’s likely to happen over the near term.

Discussion topics include:

  • Minneapolis construction activity
  • The local economy and other apartment demand influences
  • Apartment occupancy and rent change by product class
  • Performance variation across the metro’s key neighborhoods

Greg Willett

Chief Economist, RealPage, Inc.

Greg facilitates the alignment of the firm’s technology and analytics solutions with rental housing sector needs and opportunities. He is well versed on rental housing market fundamentals and activity nationally, by metro and in individual neighborhoods. Greg is active in industry organizations such as the National Multifamily Housing Council, the Urban Land Institute and the National Apartment Association. He provides commentary for national and local business media.

Arben Skivjani

Economist & Data Scientist, RealPage, Inc.

Arben Skivjani is an Economist and Data Scientist for RealPage, Inc. His primary focus is on forecasting and modeling, economic impact studies, reporting and analysis of macroeconomic indicators that affect the multifamily industry. Prior to joining RealPage, Arben worked for several government and private sector entities, including the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services, Center for Business and Economic Development at the University of Alabama and Camoin Associates in Upstate New York. As a native of Kosovo, Arben worked on several projects for the United Nations World Health Organization and the European Agency for Reconstruction in Southeastern Europe.

Arben is an active member the Dallas/Fort Worth Association for Business Economics and the National Association for Business Economics and served as a vice president and board member Alabama Economics Club.

Arben graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Auburn University at Montgomery and a master’s degree in economics from The University of Alabama.

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Up Close and Local: Minneapolis Market Update Webcast

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