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BEYOND RENT: Beat the Market

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Is your portfolio optimized to beat the market—regardless of the economic cycle? Is it even possible to consistently beat the market whether up, down or flatlined? With revenue management it is.

Join Amy Dreyfuss, Senior Vice President, RealPage Revenue Management, and Rich Hughes, RealPage’s Head of Data Science as they go beyond rent to discuss how revenue management can help you beat the market by:

  • Understanding the different cycles
  • Using data science and not emotion for precise pricing
  • Focusing on rent growth (not occupancy)
  • Playing the “first mover” advantage
  • Fortifying rent roll against coming storms

Rich Hughes

Senior Vice President, Data Science, RealPage, Inc.

Rich Hughes first entered the data revolution with apartment owner/operators AMLI and Archstone for over a decade, and is now head data scientist with RealPage. Hughes believes that today’s winners in complex, asset-intensive, service-based industries—from Amazon to apartments—have discovered the operational trifecta: over-delivering on promises while keeping the operation streamlined and affordable. He spends his days creating centralized command and control capacity for apartment operators, mainly regional managers, to streamline their operations through better and faster decision-making. He does this by analyzing data to predict outcomes, giving apartment operators prescriptive recommendations that are mathematically solvent and intelligence that is continually learning.

Amy Dreyfuss

SVP Revenue Management, RealPage, Inc.

Amy Dreyfuss is Senior Vice President of RealPage Revenue Management overseeing both LRO and YieldStar. Amy has over 20 years of experience in multifamily operations and revenue management. Prior to joining YieldStar in 2009, she oversaw operations and revenue management for a Dallas-based firm. Amy began her career with RealPage as a YieldStar Consultant responsible for the implementation of a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from private owner/operators to fee managers to REITs and institutional owners before becoming a part of the leadership team in 2010. In addition to growing the YieldStar client base in the U.S., Amy is responsible for expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom.

BEYOND RENT: Beat the Market

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BEYOND RENT: Beat the Market

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