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Series: Enhance the Prospect Experience

10 Seconds To Stand Out: Attracting Prospects During Digital Acceleration

Discover a powerful tool set of Branding and Marketing Strategies proven to effectively and efficiently attract better prospects.

This webcast discusses the shift in mindset from simply attracting prospects to attracting “the right” prospects. Hear from RealPage experts as they discuss effective Branding and Marketing Strategies designed to help you efficiently manage your marketing budgets to create higher quality leads and higher lease conversions.

We’ll focus on four key aspects behind attracting the best prospects:

Refresh: Adjusting Your Brand & Message with Lessons Learned

We’ll dive into what’s behind a Brand Refresh and what you should be thinking about when it comes to your brand post pandemic. We’ll also look at lessons learned from the pandemic for multifamily brands and how to apply them moving forward.

Calibrate: How to Synchronize Your Marketing Channels & Spend for Precision

What opportunities can you tap into with paid media? Specifically, we look at search trends and how to overcome targeting obstacles. And we touch on organic media and how to leverage user-generated content to convert engagement to actual leads.

Captivate: Creating an Immersive Web Experience that Works Harder For You

Are you using the best possible tool set? Property websites using PropertyPhotos™ assets have been proven to regularly outperform their competition. The right blend of digital assets—including tours, photography, floorplans, video, etc.—can increase engagement and better qualify your applicants.

Capture: Delivering Better Business Results

Which channels optimize Lifetime Renter Value and which provide more immediate ROI? Here we take a deeper look into emerging AI Chat technologies and how they’re improving overall prospect experience.

Andrew Bowen

Industry Principal, Asset Optimization, RealPage, Inc.

Andrew joined the YieldStar team in 2010 as the Director of Business Development. Since that time he has served as a Consultant, Trainer, Professional Services Manager and Industry Principal across all of Asset Optimization. Prior to joining RealPage Andrew spent 15 years in multifamily operations.

He and his wife of 20 years share a passion for fitness and watching Marvel® movies with their two sons. When not on the road sharing the benefits of Business Intelligence you will likely find him in a martial arts dojo of some type. His favorite casino game is craps.

Erin Mitchell

Director, Product Management, PropertyPhotos

Erin Mitchell is the Director of Product Manager overseeing, developing new and innovative ways to manage, protect, and create digital content that engages and informs prospect residence. Erin joined RealPage in 2012, building photography products and services from the ground up. In this role she established a network of hundreds of professional photographers, trained and established guidelines for ensuring high quality, consistent imagery, and worked with clients to better understand their content needs. Early in her career, she owned and operated a start-up photography business in the San Francisco bay area.

Mark Ham

VP Business Development, LeaseLabs

Mark Ham brings over 10 years of brand development & digital marketing experience within the Multifamily, Technology, Restaurant, and Retail industries. Mark has partnered with brands such as Nike, Qualcomm, Rubios, UCSD Healthcare & Shea Homes to develop targeted campaigns within Google search, paid advertising, Facebook, in-app advertising, email marketing, & websites. In his role as The Vice President of Business Development at LeaseLabs by Realpage, Mark cultivates strategic client partnerships and develops holistic ROI focused marketing campaigns with the ultimate goal to convert leads. Mark completed his Masters in 21st Century Business Management with an emphasis in Global Entrepreneurship & his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing at University of San Francisco, California.

10 Seconds To Stand Out: Attracting Prospects During Digital Acceleration

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10 Seconds To Stand Out: Attracting Prospects During Digital Acceleration

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