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Affordable Master Series: Income Averaging for LIHTC—The What, The How, The Why!

Do you know all of the ins and outs of Income Averaging?

The recently passed Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 provided you with an additional LIHTC federal set-aside known as Income Averaging. However, it comes with a different set of complicated rules and regulations. Well, don’t worry—we have the answers that will help you sort it all out!

Join Greg Proctor, Vice President, RealPage® Compliance Services and Sarah Upchurch, Vice President, Industry Principal Affordable/Senior for a 30-minute master session where they will discuss:

  • What Income Averaging is
  • How Income Averaging is calculated
  • How it will be monitored
  • How it might be beneficial to owners
  • What the potential risks are

This new, third minimum set-aside has opened a lot of questions. You really can’t afford to miss this!

Greg Proctor

Vice President of Affordable Housing Solutions, RealPage, Inc.

Greg has been in the Affordable Housing industry for over 35 years, having operated several property management companies and having owned/developed affordable properties across several states. Greg was the founder of Windsor Compliance Services, now RealPage Compliance Services. RealPage acquired Windsor in 2013. Since then, under Greg’s leadership, RealPage Compliance Services has grown to monitoring 195,000 units at over 2,100 properties, helping clients mitigate risk and helping them qualify residents for badly needed affordable housing. Greg is now overseeing RealPage’s affordable vertical market as its Vice President of Affordable Housing Solutions.

Sarah Upchurch

VP, Industry Principal, RealPage, Inc.

Sarah is RealPage’s Industry Principal for the Affordable and Senior Markets with extensive knowledge and expertise in compliance issues. As the founder of Property Management Software Services, Sarah offered consulting and training services to the multifamily industry in the areas of technology, accounting, property management and affordable compliance for more than 15 years.

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Affordable Master Series: Income Averaging for LIHTC—The What, The How, The Why!

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