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RealPage Commercial: The Easiest Way to Convert to Commercial

Felecia Kennedy, Management Assistant with Rojan Investments, LLC addresses how easy it was to switch to RealPage’s all-in-one property management solution for commercial real estate properties. “The reason I chose RealPage was the ease in conversion from our old software to our new and the ease in learning the software. The support staff is amazing, and I like the product being all-in-one-- accounting and leasing and rents all in one software instead of two. And I just find that out of all the ones we checked and marketed, it seemed to fit our company the best.”

Ease of Use

Felecia shared that one of the problems they were facing was a way to make their accounting process more efficient. She says, “Our points that we needed to correct were our CAM billing, our sewer billing, tracking lease expiration dates and tracking payments. Having it all in one software made it easy. The CAM billing can take minutes. Bank reconciliation takes minutes. The ease of correcting a ledger or changing anything in the accounting side is very simple. If you need to make a change or alter it, you can easily do that. It's done within minutes. Bank reconciliations are the same way. I handle about 25 accounts, and now it just takes me a few hours to reconcile it all. It’s so very easy to use.”

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