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Easy Does It: Simplify Expense Reporting with the Financial Suite

Are you still manually processing expenses—or using separate expense processing software that requires you to import into your accounting system to make reimbursements? Well, those days are over! RealPage® Accounting has added the ability to easily submit and reimburse expense reports for employees and purchasing card (PCard) vendors. 

Join RealPage experts Dan Newbern and Victoria Sicula for our latest Easy Does It webcast where they’ll show you how to configure, process and pay expense reports for customers and employees with this latest feature. See how you can:

  • Provide your team the ability to submit expenses for approval
  • Configure expenses to reimburse employees, PCard vendors or your sites
  • Generate invoices to expedite the payables process

If you’re ready to stop incurring more cost in paying your expenses and put an end to manually processing reimbursements, don’t miss our latest Easy Does It webcast!

Dan Newbern

Vice President, Financial Suite, RealPage, Inc.

With over 20 years in technology and operations, Dan Newbern joined RealPage in 2016. As the Vice President of the RealPage Financial Suite, Dan brings innovative and customer-focused leadership to the Accounting and Budgeting products for our customers. Prior to RealPage, Dan led multinational ERP teams for one of the largest financial system companies in the United States and EU.

Victoria Sicula

Business Analyst, Accounting, RealPage

Victoria Sicula is a Business Analyst for RealPage Accounting and other products within the Financial Suite. Victoria has been with RealPage since 2020.

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Easy Does It: Simplify Expense Reporting with the Financial Suite

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