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RealPage® Compliance Services Cuts Reviews to Less Than Two Business Days

When they were looking for a partner to help with housing compliance, Kevin Weishaar and his team at Mercy Housing had to choose very carefully. To start, they had several multifamily properties with multiple funding layers—as many as nine layers—and they needed a partner who could handle that kind of complexity.

The other challenge they were up against was that their team had so much work that file reviews could last several days.

Fortunately, they were able to find a solution to both challenges in one powerful combination: OneSite® Leasing and Rents Affordable and RealPage Compliance Services (formerly Windsor Compliance). In fact, when RealPage announced to Kevin’s team that housing compliance file reviews would only take, on average, one to two business days, he had to request that they lower their excitement level so he could continue the meeting. While RealPage’s quick response is cause for celebration, we're extremely serious about file reviews. Noncompliance is no laughing matter, and fines and penalties can cost millions.

Our housing compliance professionals are experts at helping to mitigate risk, maximize occupancy and ensure property compliance with federal, state and local government regulations. We offer compliance monitoring for Affordable Housing properties and asset management for all property types, taking the burden off of your staff, mitigating risk and keeping your properties in line with changing regulations. For more information, visit RealPage® Compliance Services.