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Property Management Software Review - Interstate Realty

Don Miller, SVP of Finance for Interstate Realty, discusses how RealPage works with them to customize their software to accommodate their business needs.

Growing your business often requires significant investment in IT resources. RealPage starts by bringing the right set of tools to provide value for your business ─ a predictable and scalable set of computing solutions created specifically for the multifamily industry. That’s something that many other service providers can’t offer. But that’s not where our services end. We understand that, while multifamily properties all have much in common, no two organizations are alike.

Our solutions are developed not only to provide best-practice solutions, but also to allow you to customize to your own needs and processes. When you’re ready to expand your business capabilities, we are also a partner who can deliver custom technology solutions based on your unique needs and business strategies, as well as the best practices for the multifamily industry.

Learn how RealPage, the Property Management Software is made just for you.

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