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Property Management and Accounting Software Integration Review by CF

RealPage Accounting and Budgeting allows Sharon Hatfield, President of Property Management Operations of CF Real Estate Services to deliver financials to their stakeholders accurately and quickly with ease. It’s all due to the full integrations with other RealPage family products, streamlining operations. 

Flexible, Customizable, Indispensable

The only software solution of its kind on the market today, RealPage Budgeting gives you infinite control and flexibility, no matter what the asset type. This robust, customizable platform helps keep budgets secure, easily accessible, and visible to several staff members, all at once. Because it’s web based, you can quickly and easily import data, meet all deadlines, and respond to rapidly changing market conditions as needed with accurate forecasting capabilities. What was once a complex, time-intensive process just got a lot easier.

Learn more about RealPage solutions for Multifamily Property Budgeting Software at RealPage Budgeting 

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