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RealPage Financial Suite Accelerates Custom Month-End Closings

When Landmark Property Services CFO Judy Olive says her team gets excited about their month-end accounting reporting, she means it. Meeting their goal to complete their full process for month-end within 3 business days and get it out to their Regionals to review and respond makes for a lot of work in a short time — but it’s “exhilarating” with the right technology to deliver on time and on target. RealPage® Financial Close Management has made it simpler and faster for her team to “get those green tabs” and avoid being out of balance.

In fact, RealPage Financial Close Management delivers the speed and flexibility not only to meet their turnaround requirements with more accurate results but also to customize their reporting and processes for both accrual and cash properties.

What used to take 20-45 minutes on the front end just to run reports now takes just 3 minutes to tell whether the report is “good to go.” Based on the team’s early recommendations and requests for desired functionality and data analysis, Judy worked with the “nuances” of the RealPage financial tools to design custom worksheets and link additional workbooks that all flow together to generate the right reports and help close their month-end quickly, getting the site teams back up and running. With a game changer like RealPage Financial Close Management driving their month-end reporting, the accounting team at Landmark is ready to handle even more properties!

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