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Apartment Smart Package Locker System Review - Mazzola

Chris Mazzola, Manager for Georgia Infirmary talks about how The Egg Apartment Package Locker System gives his residents a sense of privacy and security that their packages are safe, secure and private. Meanwhile, his staff is relieved from the chore of storing and tracking packages. Instead, they're stored in his multifamily package lockers.

The EGG package delivery system frees your staff from the hassle of package management. It allows couriers to deliver a package directly to the secure EGG location and residents will be automatically notified via text or phone with a unique PIN code that they have a delivery. Residents no longer have to wait until office hours to pick up a package – they can retrieve the package at their convenience by entering the unique PIN code. The EGG significantly reduces the amount of time spent by the on-site team managing packages – which means more time to engage with residents and prospects.

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