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Mike Thompson Testimonial

When Mike Thomson landed at Implicity Management after a government accounting job, he had reason to be nervous. And so did the company’s management. After all, despite his ample skills, Thomson knew nothing about the property management business, and had never used RealPage accounting software. But he’d be jumping right in to run the critical accounting function for Implicity and lead other staff as well.

Easy To Learn

As Thomson says here, it was a great relief to discover that much of what he needed to know about RealPage Accounting he could learn by simply clicking around and exploring. It was that easy.

He told us that from the main dashboard, he was able to quickly get to all the primary, familiar functions accountants access in the course of a typical day – and that they’re intuitively designed to work the way people naturally work, without quirks that require special training or knowledge. When he did have questions, he says the 24/7 live help typically was able to give him a quick answer.

Within a very short period, he was not only adept himself – he was also training those working for him. And by this time he had settled on some favorite features.

Flexible Reporting

First on his list is reporting, allowing him to drill down into the numbers and to easily compile data in the form he wants to view it. Powerful, flexible reporting has eliminated the need to dig around for data and assemble it for analysis.

He uses the red and green color coding feature to highlight positive-negative variances, giving him an instant snapshot of portfolio performance so he knows immediately which properties need attention and which deserve a pat on the back. (In fact, Thomson says he enjoys being able to congratulate people when their numbers come up golden based on what the software is telling him.)

Another favorite is budgeting – something still being done with Excel when he joined the company, but now using the software’s powerful budgeting capability. The budgeting software pulls real-time numbers directly from accounting, so there’s no more need to manually load the budget with data.

One thing Thomson says has paid off in a big way is attending RealWorld each year. He told us that he inevitably comes away committed to implementing at least one new solution that will help Implicity manage more effectively, and with tips on how to further exploit the solutions already in place.

Accounting is complex enough. Shouldn’t your accounting software be easy? Contact your RealPage representative to find out more about making your life simpler with RealPage Accounting.

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