Smart Access

Improve access control and on-demand ease with mobile credentialing

Empower residents to have property-wide access of choice via their mobile devices which allows them to move freely, from Sidewalk to Sofa™.

CommunityConnect Access Module

Benefits of our Door Entry and Access Control Solutions for Residential Buildings

  • Secured

    Smart locks meet rigorous industry standards for cybersecurity, reliability, and durability.
  • Works With Popular Brands

    Integrated with ButterflyMX and Brivo, plus other exterior locks, amenity locks, and access controls.
  • Easy Access

    Simply slide or long tap the unlock button on the STRATIS App to unlock your nearby lock.
  • All-in-One

    View all your credentials including ButterflyMX and Common Area doors.
  • Offline Locks

    Many common areas, elevators, and amenity access points, as well as many unit locks can be unlocked even if your mobile device is completely offline!
Common Areas
Common Areas
Swipe To Unlock

Featured Integrations


CommunityConnect Entrance

Integrated with multiple exterior locks and video intercoms allowing easier access including visitor access.


CommunityConnect Garage

Manage your Residents' garage credentials completely through Smart Access. Smart Access is integrated with access control systems that are linked to long-range readers for seamless vehicle-tag/clicker control.


CommunityConnect Elevator

With Brivo integrations, Smart Access allows Residents to gain access to secured elevators.

Resident Amenity

CommunityConnect Resident Amenity

Residents can now access common area locks including gyms, pools, lounges, package areas, meeting rooms, and more!

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