Multifamily Development

Demand the Best for New Property Developments

Resident Technology Services has unrivaled experience assisting with thousands of multifamily developments and rehabilitations throughout North America. We will assist with the budgeting, designing, bidding, contracting, inspecting, deploying, and marketing related to:

  • Voice, video and high-speed Internet access
  • Access control and closed-circuit television
  • Audio video
  • Internet of Things and other lifestyle amenities

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

Did you know that New York City’s free public WiFi hotspots offer faster Internet than Starbucks? ( 2016) Where WiFi was once an ancillary revenue source for coffee shops, now consumers expect wireless Internet access for free while they drink coffee.

Does your new property development include next-generation technology delivery infrastructure, or will it be outdated by the time your first resident moves in?

Why RealPage Resident Technology Services for Property Developers?

We like to get involved during schematic design to control costs while ensuring the ideal technology infrastructure – freeing your staff to concentrate on what they do best. RealPage handles the entire process, from assisting the developer, general contractor, and subcontractor to “going to bat” for your future revenue streams based on technology.

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