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Package Delivery

Take onsite staff out of the package storage and delivery business, gain more efficiencies, and give residents better service.

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Package Delivery

Focus on Prospects. Not Packages.

Gain more hours each day focusing on prospects, residents, and community tours, rather than couriers, notifications, and storing packages. Whether you use our integrated ActiveBuilding® package delivery service or upgrade to ActiveBuilding Concierge resident portal software and the advanced EGG® smart storage locker system, you’ll reclaim hours of lost time every month, and delight residents in the process. Focus on people, not packages with streamlined, secure, package management designed to ultimately boost your NOI. Not to mention your “cool” factor.

For Smart Package Management, We Have the Whole Package

ActiveBuilding Package Management System

Integrated with our unique resident portal software, this system automatically notifies residents a package has been delivered to the office for pick up.

ActiveBuilding Concierge | The EGG

With the EGG smart locker placed on site, residents can access their deliveries 24/7. They receive instant notification of delivery via text or email, and secure storage of their packages.

See It in Action

Cracking the Code: How the EGG Works

With more and more online shopping, you can expect more and more package deliveries to your communities. The EGG is the next generation of package delivery, offering residents the ultimate convenience, and your staff more hours each week. Check out the video to see how.

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How Would You Like Your EGG?

Innovative and streamlined, the EGG is easy to configure for your properties. It’s a modular system made up of individual columns, each measuring 21” x 24” x 86”. Put several columns together, and you have a complete package delivery locker system.

Things to know:

  • Minimum configuration is 3 columns (shown here).
  • Typical installation is 4 columns, measuring 86″ x 24″ x 84″ and requires a 120V power outlet and wired Internet connection.
  • The EGG requires a hard, level surface and a wall for anchoring with sufficient ADA clearance in front of the lockers once installed.
Package Delivery

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