What's New in Community Rewards

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What's New in Community Rewards

Wow, even in the midst of an acquisition and helping our clients maintain their engagement levels during Covid-19, the first few months of 2020 has been one of our most productive quarters on record. 

Multiple updates to Community Rewards and our white label platform were rolled out including a complete overhaul of our reviews platform, real-time feedback from our polls to make them more actionable and accessible was added to the dashboard, plus we made resident event promotion and tracking an absolute breeze, and we also created an amazing tool for your residents to share photos of what life is like at their community.

Below is a recap of everything we released that makes it easier for you to attract and retain residents.

Community Photo Album

Incentivize residents to add photos of their memories at your community to the Photo Album for you to view in your dashboard and repurpose on social media or your website.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 5.11.22 PM-1

View your Photo Album

  • Customize the point value and types of photos residents upload
  • Control what photos are viewed publicly
  • Use real-life community photos to attract prospects

Reviews Platform Overhaul

In February, we launched a brand new reviews page, designed to empower prospects with trustworthy, relevant information to help them decide on leasing at your property.

How to Integrate Resident Reviews Into Your Website to Increase Lead Conversions


Check out our recent blog post to learn more about integrating resident reviews on your website to attract online prospects to learn about your property from current residents.  

Plus we think it looks pretty amazing!

Real-time Poll Analytics 

What types of events do my residents want? What is my community's favorite pizza place? With real-time access to poll results in your dashboard, your teams no longer have to guess. Make operational and marketing decisions based on real resident responses across your entire portfolio. It takes less than a minute to create a poll and responses start coming in just as fast.

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Check out the new Polls page

  • Access a list of all polls authored at the property, which includes past and future polls
  • Preview polls to see what your residents experience
  • Dive deeper into individual resident responses

Resident Event Promotion and Management 

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.06.21 PM

Create your first Event

With our Events tool, easily promote all onsite activities through Community Rewards, resulting in:

  • More opportunities for resident feedback
  • Continuous engagement, both onsite and in Community Rewards
  • An easy way to track RSVPs 

Throughout 2020 we have lots of updates in store for you so please stay tuned for more, and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

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