4 Ways AI Can Boost Multifamily Leasing Agent Efficiency


The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in business applications is to improve operational efficiency by taking on repetitive tasks and providing human workers with a business context that drives more positive social interactions. When it comes to multifamily real estate operations, AI has a variety of models.

For the front office, Knock® AI can help your leasing agent teams be more efficient and human in their interactions with prospective renters. Here are four ways Knock AI can supercharge leasing agent teams.

1) AI Voice.

Seamlessly integrated, AI Voice offers a scalable and cost-effective solution, providing engaging and natural conversation in every call. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize interactions and exceed prospect expectations, leading to higher conversions, all within the Knock CRM platform.

For leasing agent teams, AI Voice increases inbound call capture rates, especially during peak business hours when agents are likely busy with other prospects or tasks. AI Voice will seamlessly roll over a prospect to a live agent or voicemail if prospect questions cannot be answered. In centralized leasing models, AI Voice is ideal for efficiently scaling leasing agent team coverage.

2) AI Chat.

AI Chat is a 24/7 leasing agent, providing prospects with the information they need when they want it. Fully integrated into Knock CRM, it creates guest cards and streamlines the prospect journey like never before.

AI Chat helps create a 24/7 leasing engine with asynchronous communication. Visitors to your property website can now engage with AI Chat, which populates guest cards with conversational information and can convert visitors to prospects quicker.

3) AI SMS.

With AI SMS, respond to and reach prospects instantly. With round-the-clock availability, AI SMS can schedule tours and reply to messages at any time.

AI SMS creates a mobile-first, 24/7 leasing team engine for your portfolio. Prospects can communicate asynchronously anywhere and at any time from their phone to get property questions answered and book a tour.

4) AI Email.

With AI Email, elevate your communication with seamless integration that saves time, streamlines interactions and boosts prospect engagement. With enhanced reporting and email customization, AI Email captures important data and intents, all while working towards the next conversion.

AI Email responds to prospect questions in an organic way, increasing the probability of conversion to a visitor. AI Email also pairs well with Knock’s automated drip campaigns feature to create a full proactive and reactive email motion cycle.

Achieve full automation with drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are now enhanced with a follow-up trigger based on nonresponses to AI Emails. This enhancement creates synergy between proactive outreach and reactive AI responses.

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