Ways to Boost Resident Retention

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With the rise in importance of resident retention, driving community engagement is now more essential than ever. More and more apartment communities are investing time and effort in identifying programs to enhance community engagement with the ultimate goal of increasing resident loyalty. Popular programs range anywhere from community events, communication and incentives programs.

Check Out Some Of These Resident Retention Ideas:

Listen and take action. Make sure your residents know they’re heard and valued. When you proactively communicate with your residents it shows them that you truly care about them and community in which they live. Listen to their suggestions, and try to implement. Understand their concerns, and try to quickly solve. Simply be there for them when they need you.  And the results - loyalty and positive feedback will become natural to them, they will refer friends, and they will most likely also renew. Win-win!

Events. Community camaraderie happens during events. Keep your residents engaged by hosting community events like a Happy Hour, pizza party or sports watching event. Poll them for what events they are more likely to participate in and reward them for attending.  Going to events where you see smiles and happy faces makes residents realize they’re in a good community and space. Who doesn’t like to have fun?

Be interactive.  Ask for feedback from your residents about how you’re doing as well as the overall community canvas - from landscaping to maintenance. Announce improvements to the community and keep communication channels open for matters that can impact your residents. It's simply about staying informed. Knowing and contributing create a bond!

Be tech savvy. The majority of residents interact mostly on their smartphone, so why not communicate via this channel. Text messages, voicemails, email and social postings can all be utilized through their smartphone. And, websites should be optimized for all smartphone types to ensure your residents are receiving the best end user experience as possible.

Know your neighbor. Living within a community, you see your neighbors each and every day. Know the names of your residents. Wave hello. Create a culture and community of solidarity that can resonate with every resident within the community.  When residents interact with their neighbors, the relationships that are built can be life-changing.“Hello Jane” goes a long way!

BONUS BOOST! Drive your resident engagement through Community Rewards – a one-of-a-kind app exclusively created for residents that encourages them to engage with their communities online through reward points. You can customize action items to include paying rent online, referring friends, completing surveys, renewing their lease, following a community’s social media presence and RSVPing to community events, along with many other resident lifestyle activities.

Powering appreciation is the key to successful and happy communities where your residents live, play and work.

These are just a few ideas. Leave your comments below to share your resident retention ideas.

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