Revamped Community Rewards Engage Makes it Even Easier to Drive Referrals, Retention, Reputation

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Even before the pandemic, resident engagement was in the spotlight as PMCs absorbed new data proving that properties nurturing a sense of community perform measurably better than those that don’t. Payoffs include loyalty and longer residency, along with more referrals and positive social media posting, enhancing the apartment community’s brand.

Then came the reality of contactless, work-at-home living, with its attendant isolation. Fostering engagement became a whole lot trickier.

But multifamily properties that had embraced Community Rewards, a virtual platform for getting residents involved in the life of their communities, were in a prime position to mitigate the loneliness of COVID with contests, polls, photo sharing, social media connections and rewards for involvement in these and other activities.

And now, with more residents than ever looking online for engagement, the completely redesigned Community Rewards Engage makes creating a sense of community easier than ever.

The new Engage empowers managers and on-site teams to achieve:

  • Quicker access to a snapshot of program performance – with actionable information that gets you in, out and done.
  • Lower training costs for everyone thanks to a simplified design and easy access to learning resources.
  • Budget insights so managers understand the engagement impact and ROI of personalized content.
  • Staff time savings while delivering proven, relevant content to residents.

New resident engagement overview dashboard

The new Overview is an at-a-glance dashboard that makes it easy for on-site staff to quickly evaluate key metrics and take informed actions – everything they need in one place.

Participation Rate: Quick snapshot of your baseline loyalty reward program engagement and easy access to the Resident Directory for follow-up.

Monthly Reward Cards: At-a-glance measure of reward card distributions. Drill down to Rewards detail in one tap.

Pending Approvals: Ensure Actions, Leads and Renewals are reviewed and approved promptly. Properties with resident data integrations need only review renewal results – it’s automatically updated.

Live Posts & Latest Announcements: A full interactive list of your Announcements, Polls, Actions and Events – now collectively called Posts (see below). Sort by performance to recognize successful posts and investigate poor performers.

Engagement “Ideas” helps kickstart your content strategy

The new Community Rewards Ideas catalog offers pre-built, actionable Poll, Action, Event, and Announcement templates, organized by campaign goal, and designed to grow referrals, help you plan events and increase program adoption.

Written by RealPage resident engagement experts, each Idea template has been modeled on Posts that had the highest engagement in our portfolio of actions in Community Rewards. Customers can use each Content Idea as a starting point and freely customize with property-specific copy, images and point value preferences.

Posts: A new category of Actions you create and customize

Cookie-cutter content can be a starting point, but creating Actions that are tailored to your community is essential to motivating the most-desired renter behavior.

Posts are a new category of Actions you create, customize and make your own – including announcements, polls, events, or any kind of activity your creativity allows.

The Posts page now provides data and graphs for all Post types, making it easy for you to report program performance to leadership, identify both issues and wins, and recognize staff creativity.

Labor-saving Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns is a clever redesign of the previous Default Actions feature. These essential program activities run on their own from program inception, offering residents points for completing valuable actions that include:

  • Online reputation and feedback
  • Lease renewals
  • Social media connections
  • Sharing photos with neighbor voting

Check out your Community Rewards dashboard today to see how the new Engage tools can empower your teams to create and manage valuable content for your residents.

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