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One of the secrets to any successful loyalty program is its ability to continually engage the audience through numerous positive interactions.

For Apartment Communities, this means instead of waiting for a resident to walk into the Leasing Office with a problem or sending you an email with a notice to vacate, a well-designed loyalty (i.e. engagement) strategy provides rewarding experiences throughout the resident journey.

Which is why we're excited to launch Community Guide - the perfect place to engage your community with centralized, relevant information.


A Powerful Extension of Your Rewards Experience

Community_Guide_iPhone XCommunity Guide is a simple yet powerful extension of your resident rewards experience that:

  • Highlights your onsite team to foster familiarity between residents and staff
  • Provides residents convenient access to helpful property information
  • Centralizes essential resources and information in one location 

Highlight Your Onsite All-Stars!

Our research has shown that showcasing your onsite staff increases engagement. By merely including a friendly bio and a photo, residents feel more comfortable and form deeper connections with the entire team.

Plus when the inevitable staff turnover occurs, each new staff member can easily introduce themselves to the community and celebrate the arrival of a new member to the community.


Never Answer the Same Question Twice!

Community_Guide__Quick_Links_iPhone XsAny piece of information that helps your residents remain "in the know" will have a quick access home in your property's Community Guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Quick Links:

  • Include a link to your move-in or move-out kits and checklists
  • Capture all resident FAQs to address the community's most frequent questions
  • Add local neighborhood information and recommendations to highlight everything that makes your apartment community unique
  • Link to your social media sites

A Fully Connected Rewards Experience

An optional (and free) add-on to Community Rewards is Messaging - a place where residents who want to reach out about a FAQ or discuss one of your activities will be able to message the team directly.


It's also one of the most effective ways to gather feedback from residents at any point in the resident journey. Reach out to your client service executive to learn more.

At the heart of our loyalty rewards program is your ability to create an inspiring resident experience. In addition to engaging residents with events and polls, or delighting residents with earned gift cards and issued incentives, Community Guide offers your property's team the opportunity to exceed resident expectations through excellent customer service, at no additional cost.

Set Up in Seconds


Setting up your Community Guide takes virtually no time at all. Once everyone's happy with the content, you may publish the guide to your community for residents to see.

Your teams likely already have all of the information necessary for your Community Guide in a PDF, emails, or maybe on your website — this is your opportunity to centralize these different information sources into one location for residents.

With a little investment now, your residents will be able to conveniently find the information they need, all in one place, accessible any time they need it.

Maximize your Rewards Experience

As we said previously, Community Guide is a powerful extension of your resident rewards experience. Now residents have access to highly relevant content that keeps them continually engaged any time they have questions about their community.

This repeat engagement helps you close your loyalty-loop and allows you to maximize your rewards experience.

We're happy to help you identify ways to maximize the impact of your Community Guide. Reach out to your representative to get started!

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