Community Rewards for All: Lincoln Military Housing Expands Offering Across Portfolio

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For our hardworking military service members and their families, connections are everything—now more than ever. Frequent moves are the status quo, and feelings of isolation can take hold.

Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) recognizes this and is taking steps to help military families stay engaged and connected with each other and their communities. Case in point: LMH recently announced that they are making Community Rewards™ a standard program for their entire military portfolio for 2021.

"In keeping with our tag line, 'Every mission begins at home,’  we're proud to offer Community Rewards in our commitment to increasing connection and support for even more military families this coming year," said Kelly Marks, National Marketing Coordinator.

This expansion represents an additional 2 geographical regions and 6,000 military families who will soon have access to the engagement app—on top of the current 61 Lincoln Military Housing communities already utilizing Community Rewards. 

LMH knows firsthand the benefits of Community Rewards for military families. Over the past 18 months, their communities that already offer Community Rewards have experienced enthusiastic resident participation. Currently, there are 11,101 active residents (individuals who have logged in and created a Community Rewards account)—and that number is growing. 

High participation is likely because of the sense of community achieved through regularly scheduled events. For instance, many communities have had luck with events such as an Annual Resident Appreciation Luau, Kids' Crew, Red Shirt Fridays (team members wearing red to show appreciation for those deployed) and various drive-through and virtual experiences.


Community Rewards has also been instrumental in successfully assisting with surveys and polls for LMH communities, such as the annual Satisfaction Survey, which allows LMH to gain insight about their residents' overall satisfaction, property satisfaction and service satisfaction at their respective communities.

LMH management expects Community Rewards to be a key factor in retention, too. They hope the engaging program will help encourage more families to choose LMH when relocating.  

Said Marks, "We strive to be the first choice for military families when they are selecting a home. Residents have many choices in where to live, and we want to make the choice easy. Community Rewards will help us achieve that."

"In a time when our culture is saturated with information, it is imperative to help our military families receive the essential information and updates that will enhance their experience with us," concluded Ashley Gorski Poole, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Lincoln Military Housing. "This partnership with Modern Message® has delivered a platform that allows us to streamline our communications and remove the noise—which has, in turn, improved our resident satisfaction."



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Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) was formed in 2001 through a Department of Defense (DOD) contract with parent company Lincoln Property Company. The goal has always been to increase the quality of military housing for our nation's service members. Since its inception more than a decade ago, Lincoln Military Housing now provides more than 36,000 family homes for military members across the US. Lincoln is much more than a property management company—LMH acts as a support system for military families and offers community-building activities and 24-hour maintenance assistance programs free to all of their residents. Services are available for all branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Space Force, and National Guard. Visit Lincoln Military Housing online at for more information.

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