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Investment Accounting

Streamline accounting to boost returns from your real estate investments, all from a single, robust platform. Finally, one tool to execute it all.

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Investment Accounting

Real Estate Investment Accounting, Simplified

Grow your business, not your costs. Real Estate Investment Accounting software provides the complete solution to maximize your portfolio returns while managing costs. RealPage® Investment Accounting is a powerful solution tailored to the specific accounting needs of organizations who manage real estate investment holdings. For growing middle market real estate investment companies, Investment Accounting helps navigate the dynamic financial complexities often involved with real estate investments. Know the numbers inside and out within your real estate investment portfolio. Simplify consolidations, capital transactions, financial statements, and track and measure profit center performance. Maximize efficiency and maintain productivity. Investment Accounting delivers it all.

One Solution. Multiple Asset Classes.



Master the complexities of commercial investment accounting.



Simplify financials for multifamily holdings, all from just one platform.



See where you stand across all hospitality investments.

Single Family

Single Family

Boost efficiencies for your single family financial processes.

Senior Living

Senior Living

Keep financials organized across all senior living assets.



Easily track affordable housing investments for better decision making.

Alan James

“This solution offers the most complete accounting platform for mid-market firms, filling a void in the real estate investment market.”

Alan James
SVP Investment Management and Commercial, RealPage

Enterprise Accounting for Real Estate Investors.

Investment Accounting is a single accounting platform designed to manage all accounting functions related to real estate investing. This includes:

Partnership Accounting

Manages all capital transactions such as capital calls, distributions, management fees and waterfalls. Also handles investor correspondence and reporting while tracking investment returns.

Corporate Accounting

Enables real estate firms to simplify the process of allocating expenses and overhead from the corporate entity to investments and properties. In addition, it manages financial reporting for business units not specific to a particular asset or investment vehicle.

Advanced Consolidations

Consolidates accounting records and manages complex ownership structures of multiple subsidiaries, presenting consolidated financial statements for multiple sets of books for the parent company. Automated consolidation rules help reduce the closing cycle time.

And it works with

Portfolio Asset Management

Collect, share, report and analyze real estate portfolio data with RealPage Portfolio Asset Management.

Find out why it’s the one solution for all your real estate assets.

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Get real-time integration of key metrics when and how you want it.

Accelerate Efficiency with RealPage Exponential Reporting

For small- to mid-sized commercial property management companies, the fastest way to Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity is with RealPage Exponential Reporting. With this unique tool, it’s easy to take your reporting and analysis capabilities to the next level, especially if you’re already using RealPage Commercial Property Management, Accounting or Investment Accounting. RealPage Exponential Reporting can do it all, allowing you to access, consolidate and share key metrics with every stakeholder, how they want it, when they need it.

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Make the Most of RealPage Accounting with Exponential Reporting

Make the Most of RealPage Accounting with Exponential Reporting

Streamline your financial reporting process. Design and produce financial reports and analytics for every stakeholder, when and how you want them. With RealPage Exponential Reporting, you can maximize your investment in RealPage Accounting.

By leveraging spreadsheet technology, RealPage Exponential Reporting enables you to create and share financial statements without the repetitive, manual import and export of data.

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