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Welcome to Multifamily Talks – a property management podcast series featuring personal stories from Multifamily Industry insiders, their thoughts on the industry, and what they see on the horizon.

Episode 12: Jason Kae, Director of Onboarding & Enablement, RealPage

Nov 27, 2023
49 min

Join Andrew Bowen and Jason Kae as they dive into Jason’s book, "Journey to a Rainforest Team Culture" — a unique look at how frontline managers can optimize employee satisfaction and engagement as told through the lens of a multifamily property manager. Bonus discussion: what you can do now to best manage the downstream consequences of centralization.

Andrew Bowen

Vice President & Industry Principal
RealPage, Inc.

Andrew Bowen serves RealPage customers and partners as a Vice President and Industry Principal dedicated to the Institutional and Build-to-Rent spaces. For over a decade, his focus has been on the tools that help investors and operators of multifamily real estate drive yield through better leveraging data and analytics.

Considered one of the experts on revenue management in multifamily, he is a regularly featured speaker on both the webcast and conference circuit, bringing a passion backed by over 20 years of operational experience to the conversation.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  When not pontificating on the future of the industry, you can usually find him either in the gym or on the lake with his two grown “boys” and his wife of 25 years.

Purchase a copy of "Journey to a Rainforest Team Culture" here.

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