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How to Turn Leads Into Leases with Lead2Lease

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In this webcast, our team will show you how using Lead2Lease for lead capture, management and reporting will get you on the path to increased revenue. You’ll see how you can use reporting to discover the insights needed to optimize your marketing dollars, and learn to use lead automation to decrease data entry while giving your staff more time in front of residents.

Why You Should Watch

Leads are coming in to your property from a million different directions. And let’s face it: with so many leads and so many channels, some are going to fall through the cracks. Lana Moore and the Lead2Lease team show you how to not only to capture all your leads, but also how to turn those leads into leases.

About the Hosts:

Lana currently serves as a Product Owner, specializing in Lead Management for RealPage Consumer Solutions. Lana has extensive product management experience in consumer goods and software. Her experience in usability studies and requirements gathering from key customers allows her products to be customer-driven products that thrive in the market. Lana will continue to utilize these skills to now drive customer-centric products in the lead management space for RealPage.

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