Demystifying Energy Procurement

Recorded August 22 2018 at 1:00 PM CST

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Don’t let pricing volatility drive up your energy costs

We know that pricing volatility can cause your energy costs to go through the roof. RealPage Energy Procurement will help you develop a holistic buying strategy so you can take all the mystery out of minimizing your risk, analyzing your current energy rates as well as identifying best-fit suppliers for your markets and properties.

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Realize True Cost Savings in Your Deregulated Markets

This one-hour webcast is going to show you how to take advantage of potential cost savings and risk management opportunities in deregulated energy markets throughout the United States. Join your hosts Dimitris Kapsis, Vice President, Energy Management and his expert guest Bob Ricobene, Director, Energy Management as they explain:

Energy Buying Strategies
The Energy Procurement Process
Contract Pitfalls


Dimitris Kapsis
Bob Ricobene

Dimitris Kapsis

VP Energy Management
RealPage Utility Management

Dimitris joined RealPage in 2017, bringing over 15 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining RealPage, Dimitris served as Chief Energy Officer for AUM. He and his team of energy experts helped AUM become the premier energy management provider to the multifamily industry. Dimitris previously served as Director of Energy Management for Archstone, a Denver-based property ownership and management firm.

Bob Ricobene

Director, Energy Management
RealPage Utility Management

Bob Ricobene joined RealPage in 2017 from AUM, bringing over 30 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining AUM, Bob served as Regional Vice President at Direct Energy and Pepco Energy Services, as well as in several leadership roles at Exelon Energy. He and his team of RealPage Energy Analysts deliver a wide range of energy solutions to the multifamily industry.

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