Up Close and Local: Bay Area Market Update

Recorded September 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM CST

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Find out where the Bay Area market is gaining momentum.

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No other place across the nation experiences apartment market performance swings of the magnitude seen in the Bay Area: San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland metros.

Overall, annual rent growth in Bay Area apartments during the past five years has surged as high as 12% and stumbled as much as -1%. Select neighborhoods have experienced even more variation in results. Right now, the Bay Area is regaining a bit of its earlier performance momentum, in contrast to the slowing results seen in many other U.S. metros. Can local results continue to gain steam as more new supply comes on stream?

Join RealPage’s market analysts for a discussion of the Bay Area’s apartment sector and find out:

  • What drives demand?
  • How much more product is on the way?
  • What are the prospects for rent growth in a place where housing affordability is such a challenge?
  • What are stand-out neighborhood-level performers?


Greg Willett
Adam Couch

Greg Willett

Chief Economist, RealPage, Inc.

Greg facilitates the alignment of the firm’s technology and analytics solutions with rental housing sector needs and opportunities. He is well versed on rental housing market fundamentals and activity nationally, by metro and in individual neighborhoods. Greg is active in industry organizations such as the National Multifamily Housing Council, the Urban Land Institute and the National Apartment Association. He provides commentary for national and local business media.

Adam Couch

Market Analyst, RealPage, Inc.

Adam Couch is a market analyst with RealPage’s Data Analytics division. Prior to joining Realpage, Adam worked in the foreign exchange and futures industry where he focused specifically in capital markets. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Finance and was a part of the Student Investment Group. Adam has traveled extensively throughout China where he studied international policy and its impact on macroeconomics.

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