Exchange Integration

Welcome to the RealPage Exchange AppPartner Program®

We are excited to begin working with you to get your solution integrated with RealPage’s products. We’ve outlined the steps we’ll need you to take in order to begin the process to become a certified AppPartner. Please follow the directions below to get started and send all the requested information in an email to the sales rep you have been working with. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Realpage Exchange sales rep and they will assist you.

Integration Process:

In order to streamline the integration process, we will need a few items from you:

  • Availability for the kick-off meeting
  • Contact information for your implementation team
  • Short (2-3 sentence) overview of your company for our website
    (You can reference our website for examples of information current AppPartners have provided. Please note, the information you provide must remain neutral and unbiased.)
  • Company logo – vector file is best
    • If a vector file isn’t available, the highest resolution PNG will work
    • The background should be transparent
    • 1000×1000 resolution or greater would be best

Agenda for Kick-off Call

We will begin by scheduling an hour kick-off meeting with your team to cover the following items:

  • Resources for development
  • Testing environment set up
  • License key implementation
  • Documentation
  • Certification process
  • Productizing the integration
  • Marketing – information needed for the RealPage website

Contact Information

Gigi Williams
Office: 972-820-4391

Rodney Haas
Office: 972.820.3088
For Technical questions related to the implementation of the services please email:

Contact Sales