Better Together: Give your residents the industry’s best rewards experience with RealPage + Bilt.

Drive resident loyalty and unlock new revenue streams through our new fully integrated solution.

Build loyalty with every rent payment

Reward on-time rent payments with rewards. Plus offer residents perks like free credit reporting and monthly new benefits.

Incentivize resident engagement

Provide incentives for residents to leverage the RealPage ActiveBuilding resident portal, utilize rewards points, and drive KPIs and revenue generating behavior like early lease renewals.

Most valuable rewards

Bilt points, consistently rated the highest value in market, are coveted by residents. Convert points 1:1 into their favorite airline & hotel miles, or use towards everyday expenses like rent, groceries, Amazon, dining, and more.

Build your rewards program with the best-in-class property management platform

Leverage RealPage OneSite, the single source of truth in property management to drive efficiency, operational visibility and reduced risk.

Better Together

Through this new partnership, properties using RealPage can launch a best-in-class
integration with Bilt Rewards in as little as 24 hours.

Integrated Rewards

Residents can access their rewards benefits and explore new ways to earn directly inside the ActiveBuilding resident portal.

Secure and seamless accounting and payments

Bilt payments integrate effortlessly into existing RealPage accounting processes.