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Learn How Janoura Realty Aligns Technology With Growth

Retail redeveloper improved centralization and flexibility while maintaining functionality and meeting the complex demands of managing a regional portfolio.

Focused on revitalizing neighborhood shopping centers in the Fort Lauderdale area, Janoura Realty manages almost 600,000 SF of retail space. Their market expansion introduced operational changes requiring a new, more cohesive technology solution for supporting staff, partners and tenants across their real estate portfolio.

Janoura Realty was able to transform their operations with the RealPage® Commercial Property Management Suite, automating common functions and simplifying the workspace to help staff work easily, anywhere, without losing functionality—and meeting their complex demands for owning, developing and managing a regional portfolio.


“With RealPage, we have found a system that satisfies the requirements of each department within the company while providing data that is easily accessible from a central location, allowing us to quickly obtain the information we need to meet our tenants’ needs, whether in the office or in the field.“

Michael Janoura
Owner, Janoura Realty

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learn how janoura realty aligns technology with growth

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