RealPage Financial Suite Slashes Busy Work for Real Estate Accountants



If you’re a real estate accountant, take a moment to list the tasks that cost you the most time and headaches in your job. Next, compare your list to the seven accounting functions listed below that the RealPage Financial Suite speeds and streamlines. Then consider what your job would be like if all these tools were at your fingertips – and what you could do with all that extra time!

RealPage has painstakingly engineered and assembled the Financial Suite over the past few years to be the first comprehensive, easy-to-use collection of tools for chopping the wasted time, frustration and errors out of the daily tasks of real estate accountants. Gone are digging for data, duplicate data entry, manual report preparation and other hassles that represent busy work rather than thinking work.

The eBook “8 Ways to Break the Time Barrier” shares key tools that help your business run more efficiently. Here is a sneak peek:

1. Financial close management

No more laborious copying and pasting of trial balance data from the accounting system into spreadsheets, reconciling ledgers to the trial balance and attaching supporting documentation. RealPage Financial Close Management completely automates the creation of month-end, year-end, and preliminary workpapers: you click a button and the workpapers are done!

2. Spend management

RealPage Spend Management lets you customize approvals by user, their position, the purchase amount, or by budget, vendor, type of vendor or virtually any criteria you can think of – and ensure the right eyes are on every purchase. And you’re not stuck with a static approval flow once you’ve set it up. It’s remarkably easy to make changes as often as you wish to account for unique circumstances

3. Job cost

Integrated with Spend Management, Job Cost helps you track the costs of an entire job rather than just individual expenditures. But when you do need to drill down to look at details, they’re all there – down to the unit level. You can customize work breakdown structures, and set up multiple funding sources if needed to save significant time when creating draw packages for lender submissions.

4. Corporate accounting

Real estate accountants often find themselves using a separate system to handle the company’s own internal accounting as distinguished from the accounting related to the properties themselves. But sometimes they intersect, as when reclaiming or passing through costs. RealPage Financial Suite’s Corporate Accounting is specifically designed to integrate internal and property accounting and address the complex interrelationships.

5. Property accounting

At the core of what you do: a widely-proven, comprehensive back-office accounting solution for property management. RealPage Property Accounting strikes a perfect balance between ease of use and powerful capabilities and is flexible and scalable enough that it is now delivering for companies from modest-sized to Fortune 500, managing virtually all asset types.

6. Budgeting

Scrap the spreadsheets, skip the manual data entry. RealPage Budgeting helps you improve accuracy, streamline budgeting and take control of reforecasting, consolidation, and reporting. The ability to add workflows, approvals, and comments during the budgeting process helps you hit your targets and avoid unexpected cash flow issues. Custom worksheets help you fulfill the most challenging budgeting requirements.

To discover more in-depth insights and the final two ways to break the time barrier, download this eBook!

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