Minimize Utility Waste and Save Money with Managed Alerts [eBook]


With the rising cost of utilities, saving every penny counts now more than ever. Monitoring your property’s utility bills month to month trying to pinch pennies and catch variations in utility bills can be both time consuming and ineffective. Even with the best intentions and careful attention to details, all too often looking at only the bills month in and month out will not catch potential “spikes”, or sudden increases in utility costs.

Whether the result of a stuck valve that wasn’t up to code, tree roots in pipelines, residents abusing the utility system, gas valves going awry (causing multiple utility spikes at once), or electricity being diverted from the property, it’s important to ensure your communities are covered. Managed Alerts from RealPage have a proven track record of saving communities thousands of dollars with its unique ability to pinpoint utility waste.

Catching spikes in utility usage

A sudden increase in utility costs at one of your communities, or a “spike” can cause damage to your bottom line and your community. Spikes often show no indicators or warning signs from just regular monitoring of utility bills. So, how do you catch them before they do immeasurable damage? RealPage Managed Alerts from the Utility Expense Management Software is your safeguard against the unforeseen.

As an added layer of protection, Managed Alerts stores all of the communities’ records in a secure database. As each new bill arrives, it is scanned and monitored for spike and dips in usage as well as thoroughly researched to weed out any potential false alarms, then added to the database. If there is ever a glitch or a question in identifying a spike, a team will be assembled to perform an on-site audit to ensure accurate results.

Managed Alerts saves both time and money

Managed Alerts provides analysts who monitor utility usage at account levels, often building by building, and who are proactive in researching usage concerns. They can then take the concerns to the utility company on your behalf. The analysts provide a multitude of data from months  and years of records and billing statements to support their findings, helping to resolve issues quickly and save property owners both time and money. Implementing these cost saving alerts early and contacting the utility companies for the property owner has the potential to save thousands of dollars in repairs and lost time.

Utility usage problems come in multiple forms. Protecting your property from spikes in utility costs is no easy task when a routine inspection and monthly bill monitoring often miss the heart of the potential problem. Let RealPage be your front-line utility vehicle to protect you from utility spikes. Managed Alerts will save you precious dollars by identifying issues early, and save you valuable time by contacting utility companies for you; allowing you do to what you do best – run your property.

For more information about Utility Expense Management Software Managed Alerts from RealPage, please download the Utility Expense Management eBook now.

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