Knock 2023 Year in Review

The multifamily residential real estate market has shown signs of normalization coming out of the turbulence from the pandemic. Following a construction boom in 2021 and 2022, supply continued to outpace demand, resulting in subdued rent growth and occupancy holding constant. As job growth rebounds, demand for multifamily housing will begin to approach supply.
Amidst this supply surplus, it will be key for property management companies to improve the prospect to renter journey by optimizing agent efficiency and operations. From CRM to AI to analytics, Knock® has the tools you need to do just that — and set yourself up for a successful 2024. Read on to see the innovative features we shipped in 2023!


Showcase your entire portfolio with a centralized leasing binder

Centralization of property management means that your agents need to be able to showcase properties regardless of where they are located. The centralized leasing binder in Knock empowers agents to quickly navigate between properties and communicate valuable information to prospects. The centralized leasing binder is now further enhanced to allow leasing agents to seamlessly generate and send a PDF brochure of a property to a prospect.

Enhance the customer experience with new prospect & resident pages

We introduced new prospect and resident pages in the Knock CRM dashboard featuring:

  • Faster page load times
  • Rich filtering by multiple categories
  • Enhanced bulk communication, including SMS
  • Additional prospect details

Agents can work more efficiently in the dashboard by quickly selecting and engaging with the right prospect and residents at the right time.

Save time with On-Site application integration

Knock/On-Site® integration reduces the time needed to complete an application, improves visibility into applicants in the deal cycle and gives agents a more streamlined lead to applicant to resident experience. Additionally, this integration improves data integrity and source attribution by eliminating duplicate guest card and application creation. Agent productivity improves by removing the need to switch between siloed applications and easily identifying the hottest applicants by engagement score.

Centralized referral workflow/Centralize your referral workflow

To empower agents to refer lost prospects to other sister properties, we are enhancing the Mark as Lost flow to include steps to refer and send information about other properties to the prospect. This enhanced workflow will also allow the agent to schedule follow-ups, schedule tours and more easily convert a prospect to a renter across sister properties with no additional marketing spend. In fact, our data shows that referred prospects are 2x more likely to convert to renters. This workflow also improves the quality of win/loss data across a portfolio.


Generate and send quotes from multiple places

Customers using Onesite® with RealPage® unified quoting enabled can now generate and send quotes from multiple places within the Tours app. Agents can convert prospects to renters more efficiently by generating quotes on the spot from the Tours Guest Card, the Tours availability section, the Tours activity log and even the tour itself.


Provide an elevated experience with AI Voice

We have upgraded our AI platform to provide an elevated prospect experience and streamline the leasing process with our new Enterprise AI Platform.

Take leasing to another level with AI chat

Take leasing to another level and convert more leads while saving your teams time and money by consolidating your tech stack with fully integrated AI agents, available 24/7.

Elevate your prospect communication with AI email

Leverage a seamless integration that saves time, streamlines interactions and supercharges prospect engagement. AI email offloads repetitive agent activity, such as answering standard prospect questions, scheduling tours and marking messages as spam.

Respond to prospects quickly with AI SMS

AI SMS will reply to received text messages quickly and efficiently using the same Topic/Intent responses as AI Voice & chat. AI SMS is also fully integrated into Knock CRM and our AI Solutions bundle, enabling teams to streamline communication and manage prospect inquiries more effectively.


New Data Cloud platform (aka report cutovers)

  • Improved data and deeper insights to help give you the knowledge needed to improve your team’s performance

Enhanced Data Cloud solution

Knock Data Cloud now allows customers to provision access to third parties by restricting access to select properties giving you the flexibility you need to get more advanced analytics into you and your team's hands.

Enhanced Tours reporting

Our Knock Tours App now has more robust reporting to give team's even more valuable information, including comparisons of conversion metrics between Tours App and Non-Tours app visits, next steps for those visits, and more.

AI Performance reporting

Gain greater understanding of how our AI services make you and your teams more efficient.


Win back lost prospects with automation

Efficiently reengage lost prospects at a later time in their lease, and win them back with automated and targeted messaging, incentives and campaigns.

Make scheduling more user-friendly for leasing teams

Streamline workflows and increase team efficiency and productivity with the ability to update schedule settings at single, multiple or all property levels simultaneously.

Streamline prospects’ messages

Quickly modify and standardize messages to prospects across your entire portfolio with company quick replies.

Start 2024 off on the best note possible

As you look ahead to 2024, it’s easier than ever to optimize leasing team efficiency and overall property operations by leveraging AI technology, building for centralized teams, and providing robust insights and analytics.
Want to see how Knock can be your trusted partner to make this happen? Reach out to us!  (If you’re an existing Knock customer, reach out to your account manager to learn more about our latest features.)
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