Enhancing Education and Opportunity in the Cuatro Community



At RealPage, we believe being a good corporate citizen is more than bringing jobs to the global communities we serve.

In partnership with Kids International Ministries, RealPage is helping to expand Cuatro Christian School (CCS) and transform it from a good school into a first-class school. In 2006, the school started with children from the children's home and later opened to children in the Cuatro community. With each passing year, CCS grew grade by grade. To date, the school is serving over 450 students, kindergarten through 10th grade. 

“During the design process, the architect [Ed Calma] added a critical design element to foster community ownership of the facility – an exterior made of mesh geometric shapes,” says Norman Denler, a former RealPage employee who now runs the facility. “This element creates a blank canvas for local artists to determine how the community will collect different recyclables and incorporate them to create interesting designs.”

Over the past 20 years, RealPage employees have been catalysts for corporate causes around the world. Currently, our RealPage Philippines team is made up of more than 1,800 employees committed to serving their communities where they work and live.

“Community transformation has many pieces and while education is a key component, Kids International Ministries believes community infrastructure, proper nutrition, medical care and character development all play a role,” says Denler.

“Our investment in the community prompted Cuatro’s local government to partner with us and pave the dirt roads. This [CCS] development is bringing people in the community together and enriching their lives like never before.

At RealPage, we are committed to taking our giving to the next level with RealPageGIVES. RealPageGIVES is a platform providing employees new ways to give back and engage with nonprofits around the world. By leveraging technology and innovation, RealPage will continue to positively impact education, community and economic development, globally.

Dicky Aranas, Director of CCS, shares transformational story of a former student - Darlene. 

“Darlene attended CCS and lived in the community that she is now a part of helping educate,” Aranas says. “The ministry helped her attend college and she graduated with a teaching degree - the first in her family to ever attend or graduate from college. 

“It is such a privilege to have her now teaching those in her community and being an example of what is possible for them in the future. We believe by enhancing the education and increasing the resources for the Cuatro community, we are giving these children the opportunity to succeed, which will give them hope for the future."

RealPageGIVES fulfills the RealPage Promise of giving back and positively impacting our communities in ways most important to our employees. Through this global initiative, RealPage is sponsoring a fundraising campaign to help raise money for CCS, so they can expand the high school to include grades 11-12.

“Because of RealPage’s generosity, we [Kids International Ministry] will be able to serve more students, raise the level of education, and leverage what technology can do for these students,” says Aranas.

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