Discover Your Property’s Value, Fast (No Complex Formulas Needed)



Do you know what your building or portfolio is worth today? Maybe you have an approximation, but do you know the exact answer, based on today’s occupancy rates, market data, operating costs and other factors? If your answer is yes, chances are, it took a lengthy process to get there. Determining the value of a multifamily or commercial property has traditionally been a complex endeavor, involving manual processes of analyzing data pulled from multiple sources ¬– some of which may have included paper-only records. That’s all changing as new technology is disrupting commercial real estate valuation with automated data integration, streamlined forecasting and more efficient scenario modeling based on real-time data. Automated valuation models (AVMs) such as FUEL Valuation use algorithms—calculations based on automated processes—to estimate a property’s market value.  For real estate investors, appraisers, lenders and others involved in valuing properties, AVMs are filling a pressing need within the commercial real estate (CRE) industry for valuation technology that provides the most accurate information and real-time valuations. Here’s how AVMs like FUEL Valuation can help you quickly and easily calculate valuations at the asset and portfolio level:

1. Sharpen valuation accuracy and timeliness

FUEL Valuation integrates many real-time data sources to inform CRE investment modeling and scenarios. By integrating data directly from its source, there’s a lower margin of error compared to processes that involve unreliable manual data entry. In addition to eliminating opportunities for human error, FUEL Valuation also better reflects current realities, thanks to its real-time data feeds. If a neighboring property has just sold, for example, or new rental rates just went into effect, those factors are instantly incorporated into calculations.

2. Accelerate transactions

AVMs like FUEL Valuation can shorten the valuation process for CRE investments from weeks into days or even hours, accelerating your ability to close transactions. Speed, of course, benefits everyone involved in a deal. With real-time data integration, a modern AVM’s modeling capabilities lend the power of predictive analytics to the job of analyzing debt and equity scenarios. Simply create a scenario, adjust the inputs and instantly view the updated scenario.

3. Streamline CRE portfolio management

With a modern AVM, portfolio managers can quickly create a portfolio, monitor portfolio changes and manage holdings holistically with sophisticated modeling tools. When you change an assumption in the underlying portfolio, you’ll see the change implemented across all of your assets.

 4. Improve reporting and integration with financial systems

Calculating an accurate valuation is just step one. Appraisers, asset managers, lenders and other professionals also need high-quality reports to share with investment clients, management, borrowers and other stakeholders. FUEL’s user-friendly features save time, offering report-generation capabilities and API-based integration with popular real estate accounting systems such as Yardi. For all players involved in CRE transactions and asset/portfolio management, AVMs allow you to make better, faster decisions. Following the recent acquisition of Hipercept, the maker of FUEL Valuation, RealPage now offers its commercial and multifamily clients a fully integrated valuation capability. This new partnership creates the industry’s only fully integrated platform that aggregates and manages data across the entire investment lifecycle for real estate and alternative investments. Learn more about the partnership and RealPage’s offering of easy-to-use valuation, forecasting and budgeting tools for the entire real estate investment life cycle.

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