Debunking the Myths about Outsourced IT for Multifamily


You’re in the multifamily business, not the computer business. But ask the typical property management company why they manage their own IT – hardware, software, upgrades, tech support and the rest – and they’ll typically offer some combination of the following three reasons:

They might be doing it because they believe it saves them money to “DIY” rather than outsource.

They might do it to maximize “control” – believing that having an outside resource handle IT for them would mean giving up ownership of a vital component of their business, or putting their data at risk.

Finally – and this is often the case – it could be that they simply don’t know the value of alternatives to having in-house staff select, maintain, upgrade and support their computer systems.

Let’s take a closer look at these main myths associated with outsourcing IT in multifamily:

Myth #1: Outsourcing IT loses me money

Buying hardware and software for your business is hardly an exact science. You do the best you can to meet your needs now while guessing what you’ll need over the coming months and years. And of course, you can’t know what advancements are on the horizon. Unless you’re uniquely lucky, you will sometimes buy more than you need, sometimes less, and sometimes technology that simply doesn’t fulfill its promise – or doesn’t integrate well with your other solutions.

The question is: why buy all this stuff in the first place? One of the beauties of outsourcing is that you have the option to pay only for the software you use, as you use it. There’s no capital expenditure for technology that might fail to meet your needs or turn out be excessive – or obsolete earlier than you expected. On top of this, your IT costs can become predictable.

If you do choose to invest in your own infrastructure, you can take advantage of RealPage’s buying power to enjoy the best possible prices, and our experts to help you make the right choices. RealPage SmartSource IT can install and integrate your hardware and software for you and provide ongoing support, and its strong partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, HP and other technology leaders work in your favor.

And don’t forget the cost of your staff who are managing and supporting the system, along with any outside consulting or support you’re paying for to supplement them. The calls for tech support alone from the sites and corporate office can be enough to swamp the average PMC. SmartSource IT can take the bulk of hardware, software, email, telephone and Web support off the backs of your IT people – so they can turn their attention to value-added, strategic initiatives.

Myth #2: Outsourcing IT makes me give up control

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your data, which is the heart of your business, remains your data when you outsource to SmartSource IT. In fact, your data could be safer than hosting in your local office. RealPage leverages two state-of-the-art data centers and virtual servers that mirror your data and protect you from viruses and natural disasters. This, along with monitoring and traditional backup services, insures your data is protected.

Monthly Service Level Reports keep you informed about how things are going, covering help desk tickets, customer satisfaction, system up-time and other important metrics.

And as far as control of your IT infrastructure goes – how much control do you really have when you’re stuck with the hardware and software you’ve invested big money in? Again, SmartSource IT lets you pay only for what you actually need and use, now and in the future. You control your destiny.

Myth #3: Outsourcing IT means inferior quality

When your data resides on RealPage servers in a data center, you’re guaranteed the highest level of performance. Due to its cost efficiencies, RealPage employs a state-of-the-art redundant virtual server and storage technology, offerings that are cost-prohibitive for many PMCs. And because of our team’s intensive focus on reliability and redundancy, your staff enjoys minimal downtime. The data centers can even implement upgrades without interruption. Higher performance and less downtime means greater productivity, which directly impacts your bottom line.

RealPage can handle the onboarding of purchased properties, so they’re ready to roll when you take over. This includes desktop and laptop procurement, software, printers, scanners, Internet, the whole spectrum of technology your people use onsite. And for new construction, you can also count on us for wiring, wireless, smart home technology, cable, media rooms, gate systems, video surveillance – pretty much anything having to do with technology. Again, these are jobs best left to specialists, so you can concentrate on what you do best: managing properties.

More and more multifamily professionals, after looking at the hard numbers, are turning the management of their IT over to RealPage SmartSource IT: a team of technology experts who have become the number one IT resource in the property management industry.

Learn more about how SmartSource IT can help you work more efficiently and focus on your core competency while saving significant money. Register for the upcoming webcast, Four Key Ways Outsourcing IT Boosts Your Bottom Line!

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