Bridging the Gap Between Introvert and Extrovert Employee Learning



There are unlimited ways to divide people into personality groups, but one of the most common is to separate “introverts” from “extroverts.” You probably know which of these categories you fall into, and it would be wise to consider which category your employees fall into. A learning platform that bridges the gap between the two groups offers the biggest reward for all.

According to OLLU, when it comes to training, the difference presents a problem. Extroverts and introverts are motivated differently, and motivation represents a big part of the challenge in keeping your employees learning new skills and thereby adding value to your company. Most learning systems appeal to only one personality type.

Introverts are internalized, self-motivated and don’t like to ask for help, while extroverts appreciate the more social aspects of learning, sharing skills and experiencing the rewards of achievements.

The spectrum of personality types was considered when the EasyLMS learning management system was engineered. It’s designed as a single platform that’s effective for everyone.


Introverts typically learn in a solitary fashion and seek to solve problems on their own. Some may prefer to engage only with their managers to build their skillsets, fulfill learning requirements and advance their careers, rather than interacting with a larger social network. Managers can create a roadmap they follow in completing online courses or instructor-led classes that appeal to their reserved nature. Their scores and learning path accomplishments are motivating enough—because again, these aren’t folks who are standing around the coffee machine trying to get attention for their achievements.


Extroverts, on the other hand, are all about the social aspects of their activities. They’re the “people” people. They thrive on achievement, and the trophy case of badges and leaderboard foster this inherent need for recognition.

While we should aim to recognize the unique needs of these two distinct personality types in terms of learning styles, we need to also realize that in many situations learners fall somewhere along the spectrum rather than at the poles, so it’s important to incorporate learning activities that address the full spectrum in order to create a balanced learning ecosystem that appeals to everyone.

Two personality types, one employee learning platform

With EasyLMS, managers enjoy a single platform to motivate, track and encourage all the employees they manage—from quiet, private librarian types who keep to themselves to brash, back-slapping social characters whose public presence is everything to them.

In other articles we’ve covered aspects of EasyLMS that benefit everyone regardless of personality type, such as the presentation of material in bite-sized chunks that are less onerous to busy employees who can find only small windows of time for learning.

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