RealPage Affirms Their Ongoing Commitment to Affordable Housing Innovation


Almost three years after the start of the pandemic, the Affordable Housing sector of the multifamily industry continues to face formidable challenges. And those challenges go well beyond what is typical in the Affordable sector. Technology is beginning to provide much-needed support, with RealPage® leading the way through their ongoing commitment to innovative solutions that drive peak performance and operational excellence in Affordable Housing.

That was the focus of this year’s Affordable Leadership Summit, where members of the RealPage leadership team led interactive panel discussions on a range of Affordable Housing issues and concerns:

  • Industry Update: Market Research & Economic Trends for Multifamily
  • Impact of Data and AI on Affordable Multifamily Housing
  • Emerging Affordable Multifamily Legal Risks
  • Engaging Employees in a Tough Labor Market
  • The Future Needs of Affordable Housing
  • Technology Trends & The Great Accelerators
  • Change Remains the Name of the Game

Affordable housing challenges and changes

One example of much-needed change that was discussed during the summit and other industry events like RealWorld and OPTECH, is tied to the Affordable Housing sector’s No. 1 challenge: staffing shortages. With more and more Affordable operators struggling to retain top talent and alleviate the tedious tasks that overwhelm staff, a shift to virtual is an idea whose time has come.

That’s the reason why RealPage is focused on bringing to the Affordable Housing industry innovative technology that is as integrated and intuitive as it is affordable, simple to implement and easy to use. At conferences throughout the year, they highlighted how virtual, end-to-end property management and resident engagement solutions for Affordable can eliminate time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks related to application, screening, and certification/recertification. And, access to real-time data, actionable insights and customized reports can help Affordable properties stay ahead of the compliance curve and mitigate risk.

Other Affordable Housing industry pain points that RealPage has addressed throughout the year — including at the summit — include expenses growing faster than rents and the multiple inspections that must be conducted at Affordable properties.

Affordable leadership summit reflections and feedback

Along with panel discussions, RealWorld and the RealPage Affordable Leadership Summit also afforded participants the opportunity to network. The sentiments expressed by attendees ranged from camaraderie to reassurance and included statements like “Issues we’re encountering are widespread and being felt by others” and “The concerns of others match our concerns.” And the positive feedback confirmed that RealPage’s innovations for Affordable Housing are addressing customers' needs and market challenges.

Reflecting on the success of the RealPage Affordable Leadership Summit, Barry Weaver, Vice President of Affordable Product for RealPage, said, “The Affordable Leadership Summit brings Affordable Housing executives together on the biggest issues affecting the Affordable market and business today. It offers a unique forum for Affordable Housing executives to network, share critical insights and explore how technology can solve a number of today’s Affordable Housing challenges and help build better Affordable communities.”

But the feedback that perhaps resonated most deeply and personally with RealPage’s leadership was, “We’re all in this together.” That sentiment was the main thrust of the keynote address delivered by RealPage President and CEO Dana Jones at RealWorld 2022. And it’s the driving force behind RealPage’s ongoing commitment to accelerating innovations that drive efficiency, maximize NOI, centralize operations and reduce risk for the Affordable Housing industry. 

As we head into the season of giving, that commitment was taken to a whole new level — and took center stage — at the RealPage Affordable Leadership Summit when Vinit Doshi, Chief Operating Officer for RealPage, affirmed for attendees that RealPage’s mission is to support their Affordable Housing partners as those partners advance their mission to provide Affordable Housing to millions of Americans across the United States.

If you missed connecting with RealPage at industry events this year, you can learn more about RealPage’s innovation for Affordable Housing by downloading our 2022 Multifamily Bulletin, A Shift to Virtual in Affordable Housing, and our eBook, Achieve Operational Excellence in Affordable Housing. And visit RealPage Affordable.

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