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“For multifamily investors, a majority of their return on investment comes from capital management, what you buy, where you buy and when you sell. Until now, investors have made these decisions based on time-consuming analyses and expensive market studies that evolved little in recent cycles. Underwriting Analytics reflects our North Star commitment of innovation and simplicity providing the industry with highly accurate and valuable answers.” – Steve Winn, CEO, RealPage®, Inc.

What? Where? When?

These are the three core questions deal makers need answers to fast. RealPage’s latest innovation—Underwriting Analytics—not only delivers smarter answers faster, it also reveals the accurate and relevant data that shows why you need to get on that plane to pursue opportunities that can yield the highest returns.

Get smarter answers from the most accurate data

Data without accuracy, relevance and insight is just noise. Deals are made—and lost—on the quality of the data available. Underwriting Analytics cuts through the noise with precise predictive analytics engineered from the data-science-driven technology of YieldStar® and LRO®.

By processing billions of bytes of lease transaction data from tens of thousands of assets on a daily basis, you can harness the most accurate multifamily data and relevant, actionable insights to your capital advantage.

Keith Dunkin, Senior Vice President of Asset Optimization, emphasized, “We leveraged our success in predictive analytics with YieldStar and LRO, and introduced an expanded artificial intelligence approach to correlate our survey-based rents with our highly accurate lease transaction benchmarks to produce a synthetic NOI and assessment of value for these assets.”

Our advanced data platform combines the industry’s gold standard for rent comps from RealPage and sales comps from our partnership with Real Capital Analytics®. Easily configurable with record-breaking responsiveness, you choose the properties of interest using interactive maps identifying hundreds of markets and submarkets, and set the parameters for the market fundamentals you need.

Within seconds, you’ll have answers to questions like: What is this asset worth? What are the real comps? How has this asset performed? And most importantly, how will this asset perform?

Incredibly fast results with Underwriting Analytics

“For the first time, you’re going to get an unbiased, third-party view of the country’s top 150 markets and take a deep dive into details and analytics around forecasts, lease transaction trends and submarket detail,” said Jay Parsons, RealPage’s Vice President of Asset Optimization and Deputy Chief Economist.

For example, if your investment criteria included the Atlanta market, you would either enter the name in the search window or locate the city on the interactive map and click on it. Instantly, you’ll see almost every conventional investment grade stabilized asset in the market.

You can view the most current survey data for each of these assets pushed from the actual property management company—like loss leader units—and not force-ranked properties based on advertising spend. Even before hitting the UNDERWRITE NOW button to purchase a comprehensive report generated in seconds, you can examine property size, number of stories, square feet, year built, property class, unit-type level rents, occupancy, unit size information and walk scores.

Explore more markets at no cost

In addition to UA,  RealPage is also offering open access to apartment market data with a new offering called RealPage Explore.

“Never before has this level of research data been available online at no cost to give you an idea of the high level performance of rent markets across the country,” said Parsons, referring to RealPage’s unique market survey tool that provides substantial property detail before diving deeper with a purchase of the Underwriting Analytics report.

RealPage is disrupting the multifamily industry by breaking down barriers to quality data access to create a more open and diverse marketplace that encourages investment and accelerates market entry for investors—no matter where they are in the investment cycle.

Learn more about RealPage Underwriting Analytics, explore more markets than ever before and get the answers you need now.

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