How to Get the Renter Love you Deserve [eBook]



Reaching the most qualified renters gains the most profitable outcomes. However, how do you reach today’s most qualified renters? Engage their focus and go beyond their rental search expectations. Capture, convert and retain today’s breed of renter with the right renter engagement technology and the right partner to help you accomplish it all.

1. Make a memorable first impression

Making a memorable first impression is easy with an eye-catching website customized to your property. Models of units, 3D tours and floor plans that are accessible via mobile devices as well as PC’s are great places to start. Consider amping up your webpage to include live web chats that are available 24/7 to enhance your property’s first impression and guarantee a second visit.

2. Be seen in all the right places

Use statistical algorithms to calculate leads into leases. A powerful CRM is one of the best areas to allocate your market dollars to make sure you are being seen in all the right places. Reports that pinpoint the niche of your property, capture the prospect’s information and then pinpoint the best ways to increase operational productivity, maximize your marketing and advertising budget.

3. Choose your residents wisely

Choosing your residents wisely means looking into a potential tenant’s rent payment history and criminal background and rental checks. Utilize a screening system that provides extensive insight into the type of renter you will be getting. These systems deliver reports in seconds from empirical scoring engines and provide up to date, deep knowledge data often within seconds. This allows you to weigh the monetary risk associated with each tenant’s unique score. Complete with an identity verification tool, the right screening software is designed to get the right renter into the right property – leading to a long lucrative relationship.

4. Be there for renters around the clock

A property’s ability to be there for their tenants around the clock with a 24/7 contact center gives potential renters a feeling of reassurance and peace of mind. They will know that the property will be there for them if they were to ever have a need, and helps to comfort and build trust with prospects from the start. A 24/7 contact center team should be trained to act as an extension of your property and staff, increasing your options for appointments, leases, maintenance requests and inquiries. This allows your property to be available at all hours and you’ll never miss an opportunity to procure the renter you deserve.

5. Find ways to make their lives easier

Once a lease has been signed, the work doesn’t end there. Make your residents’ life easier with a robust resident portal that gives them access to the ease of online transactions. Rent payments, messaging hubs, maintenance requests and online updates make it simple for residents to pay bills on time and get serviced efficiently. In addition, it frees up time for property staff to give tours, facilitate activities and foster relationships with residents. All of this leads to higher renewals and referrals and increased resident satisfaction.

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